Degrowth and Degrowth California

Degrowth is the equitable downscaling of production and consumption to enhance individual, collective, and environmental wellbeing. It is a vision for social organization that prioritizes the health of the planet and people over perpetual material accumulation centered in today’s dominant global economy. Contrary to the values that drive today’s socio-economic activity, such as competition, expansion, and growth, Degrowth prioritizes conviviality, localization, and sufficiency, envisioning a future where “people live simply so others, human and non-human, may simply live”.

We at Degrowth CA are a community helping facilitate education, conversation, and action within the state and country to achieve these aims. To receive updates on meetings, events, and initiatives, please join our mailing list. If you would like to contact us directly, please follow the contact us tab. Thank you for being here!