Degrowth and Degrowth California

Degrowth proposes a thoughtful and equitable change in what and how much we produce and consume, so we may enhance our individual, collective, and environmental wellbeing. It is a vision of how we might better organize ourselves for the sake of our health and the health of the planet and all its ecosystems. Degrowth is a decision to move away from the perpetual consumption of more and more stuff, the endless competition, and the ever accelerating pace of life in today’s global economy. It is a conscious choice to simplify our lives so we may have more time for family, friends, community and all that makes our lives meaningful and fulfilling. Contrary to the values that drive today’s socio-economic activity, such as competition, status seeking, expansion, and growth, degrowth prioritizes reconnecting and uplifting community, friendship and the relocalization of our activities. It is a vision of public luxury and private simplicity, where all humans and non-humans can thrive.

At Degrowth California, we facilitate spaces of reflection and action to encourage these transitions that center wellbeing for both people and planet. Learn more about us here and how to get involved.